Consagra. Seduzione e libertà della pittura, Palermo, Villa Zito

Consagra. Seduzione e libertà della pittura, Villa Zito, Palermo, 2022, ph. GSTUDIO ADV

Consagra. Seduzione e libertà della pittura.
17 september - 4 december 2022
Palermo, Villa Zito
curated by Sergio Troisi

When I paint, I get started and I don’t know where I’ll end up – the more random the first brushstroke, the more adventurous I feel. I paint until I’m worn out, the same way that love drains you. I pursue the form, and the paint is the procurer, the lure.

It really makes me feel alive, like on a battlefield where, even if you’re shattered, you’re not defeated because there’s always the next day, when you can win back what the paint owes you. Painting forces me to persevere, to throw myself back into battle so that the picture gets finished, until I’m exhausted.

It is the painting that wears out the painter.


From Pietro Consagra, Dipingendo, 1987