The Association Archivio Pietro Consagra, was founded, with notarial deed, on July 30, 2001 by Pietro Consagra who donated to the institution the copyrights for the reproduction and for every other form of utilization of his work. The artist moreover donated the documents, manuscripts, printed matter, photographs inherent to his activity as artist and writer, as well as the drawings and models that testify to the methods of his work as sculptor.

Upon its constitution, the committee of founding members appointed as director of the Archivio Pietro Consagra Gabriella Di Milia Slavist, teacher of Art History and wife of the artist.

The Association intended, according to that set forth in the Articles of Association, to ensure protection of the artistic patrimony of Pietro Consagra promoting studies and investigations, on a national and international level, of his work, assuming every other initiative, including the organization of exhibitions, taking the necessary measures, also od a legal nature, against possible falsehoods or other unlawful actions, and initiating cataloguing for the publication of the “Catalogo Generale delle Opere” (General Catalogue of the Works).

The Association moreover provided for conservation of archive material, of the library and of all printed material relative to the artistic work, to the civil and literary undertaking and to the biography of Pietro Consagra.

The Archivio informs that arbitrary polishing of bronze sculptures may damage the original patinas executed by Pietro Consagra in special ways, which is why it follows and oversees necessary restorations of all of the artist’s sculptures. As for the painted iron works, the Archivio has the color combinations established by Consagra and by his will is authorized to restore them. Improperly polished bronze sculptures and irons restored in color tones that do not conform to the original are considered and attested to be damaged.


The Pietro Consagra Archive holds the copyright of the artist’s works. In that regard, we ask to send a prior request of authorisation for the use and type of utilisation of images of works that are intended to be published.
This notice constitutes an essential element of the site and it is intended that each person who enters it is required to read the content with attention and to comply with that indicated.
The Archivio Pietro Consagra is the owner of all utilisation rights relative to the works of Pietro Consagra and has the scope of protecting the artist’s artistic patrimony even from the legal aspect. The rights of the Association have as an object the works of its ownership as well as the property of third parties. It follows that, in the absence of authorisation from the Archive, represented by its director, the reproduction of the works in any form is not permitted (photographic, cinema, digital and others), except in limited cases of free utilisation for the reasons and at the conditions foreseen by the Copyright Law.
The contents of the site, such as texts, comments and photographic reproductions are the property of the Archivio Pietro Consagra (except for possible photographic rights), which detain the rights protected by the Copyright Law. The reproduction, even partial, of the content of this site for any reason other than personal utilisation is prohibited and entails the responsibility foreseen by the regulation in effect.