Archivio Pietro Consagra offers an authentication and archiving service. The authentication requires the scrutiny of Professoressa Gabriella Di Milia. For that purpose, it is necessary that the work is consigned to the Archivio Pietro Consagra. in the office of Via Solferino, 3 – 20121 Milan, with a digital photo (High Definition) and two 18×24 cm photographs front and back, in which the filming is rigorously frontal. At the time of delivery we will issue a deposit receipt. The work recognized as authentic will be returned, upon presentation of the deposit receipt, and archived.
The archive doesn’t authenticate and archive the multiples: complete series can be verified with related documentation.

For the above cited operations, the Archivio Pietro Consagra requests a reimbursement of expenses of 200 € for drawings, 300 € for paintings and 500 € for sculptures.

The archive does not issue certificates of authentication for individual multiple works, but does view and record the relevant documentation. Complete series can be authenticated.
A reimbursement of 200 € is requested for these operations.

All expense reimbursements can be made by wire transfer to:

Non-profit association Archivio Pietro Consagra 
C/C 100476026

IBAN Code: IT 22 I 0200801733 000100476026
Routing Number / Swift: UNCRITMM

Economic evalutations of the works are not made.


Pursuant to Law Decree N°196 of June 30, 2003 – code regarding protection of personal data – all proprietors of the works that will be inserted in the Edition of the General Catalogue of Paintings, are invited to send written authorization to the Archivio Pietro Consagra in the event that they wish to appear expressly with their own name. Pursuant to Art. 13 of purpose of publication of the General Catalogue. In the event of non-authorization the wording “Private collection” will be used.
“Clicking” on the icon below it is possible to download the document in PDF form to print, compile and send to Archivio Pietro Consagra.